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Our Product Range / Atm/Kiosk Branding


'ATM' centre, 'ATM' and / or 'INFO KIOSK' machine which are beautifully designed & graphics covered on it, are a key branding tool for Banks to strengthen brand awareness & increase customer loyalty.

Similarly we can offer a cost effective solutions for decorating these for you.

a) Tea, Coffee Vending Machine.
b) Refridgerators (Pepsi, Cocacola etc.)
c) Deep Freezers.
d) Icecream
e) Vending Machines.

High intersity, high adhesive strength vinyl with lamination or warnish coating all manufactured with reputed companie's material like 3M, AVERY, LG, TECHNOVA, ARLON etc will assure long lasting effect.

Sample Photographs

ATM machine branding on large scale
Branding on Coffee vending machine
Clear film with high quality printing for ATM on mass production