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Our Product Range / Shop Fascia Boards


Flex/Vinyl Base : Regular Flex, Star Flex, Outdoor Vinyl with lamination,Backlit flex are used is most of the shop/office boardas it very economical. You can fix it on M/S or Aluminium frame or paste it on sunboard, ACP etc.

ACP/LED Letters :LED Box letters & ACP sheets is todays trent,similar displays are found in Mall, Retail store. We will provide installation service also.

Glow Box (GSB) : Backlit flex glow box in G.I sheets, or ACP Glowboxes as per your size available. Flip open type glow box is anodised Aluminium which are slim (1" to 2") & sleek having LED'S inside, as per customised sizes are available. Support of fine quality backlit prints (Translite)are our speciality.

Sample Photographs

Glow Box with Tubelight inside
Longlife sunboard prints for shops or establishments
Fascia Board in flex (Premium Grade.)