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Q) What Is The Maximum Width Available For High Quality Printouts ?
A : On Digital Large format platform 60" is maximum width generally avilable to achieve quality

Q) What Is The Difference Between Coated And Non - Coated Media ?
A : Coated media are used in certain dye base ink printing like HP , EPSON etc Non coated media are used for outdoor fade resistent prints & should be printed on solvent base pigmented ink machines

Q) What Are The Options For Print And Mounting ?
A : Apart from sunboard PVC foam sheet GRAPO board , Acrylic , Lightweighted foam board can also be used for mounting of prints

Q) Which Process Is The Best For Printing On Rigid Surfaces ?
A : UV Flat printing with pigment base UV curable ink are best for printing directly on Glass,Sunboard,Tiles,ACP,Metal etc

Q) Can We Print On Cotton T-Shirts By Heat Transfer Process ?
A : Yes , it is possible now to print on dark or light cotton T-shirt by heat transfer process