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Wall posters are very useful in your presentations. Systematically designed poster artwork can be converted in to impactful wallposters in Office, Labs, Schools, Retail stores, Factory workshops and at Exhibition Centre.

. Vinyl Base : Adhesive or Non Adhesive vinyl, with or without lamination and mounting (Sunboard). Fixing with studs or strong 3M Adhesive tapes. We can use Photoglossy Paper also for still better results on our pigment base ink printing. (Premium)
. Flip Open : Same can be framed in flip open type anodised frames available. Changing of prints at your level, is possible here.
. Sandwich : Vinyl prints if clubed or sandwich in two clear acrylic sheets (3 + 3mm) & fixed with studs looks very attractive, on walls in offices. Changing of prints at your level, is possible here.

Sample Photographs

Acrylic Sandwich Display with studs Changable print inside
Poster in vinyl
Instant Poster on Photoglossy Paper