The future of print is now !

Multiprintology by Signsmith ...

The term 'multiprintology' is very simple & extremely useful for print buyers.
Now print on almost any flat surface by 'UV curable' inks for better extended outdoor life.
No peal off of vinyl at corners
No shrinkage across borders
Can print on rough surface (Wood,Textured glass etc.)

Following substrates can be printed
. Ply / Vinier / Laminates . ACP . Corrugated sheets . Ceramic Tiles . Rexine . Backlit flex . Sun board / Kappa board . Metal . PVC sheets . Marble
. Powder coated sheets . Glass . Laptop cover . Wallpaper . Leather . Fabric . Clear / froasted Films & Vinyls and many more...

* "White ink" printing in combination with 4 color or separate is possible in this process
1. Printing on brush finish s/s aluminum plates with white ink back on four color
2. printing on clear acrylic (with White Back)
3. Printing on canvas big size canvas up to 8ft wide (8x10, 8x6, 6x10, 5x8, etc..)
4. Printed Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Panels
5. ceramic Tiles with Top Gloss Coating
6. Printing on ACP Sheet with Top Coating
7. Printing with White ink on ultra clear film
8. White ink printing on black surface (Acrylic)
9. Printing on Gift Articals (Pendrive)
10. Print on Stone / Marble
11. Print on Stone / Marble

Image with Lightboxes

Big Size Canvas
Kitchen Cabinet
Print On Ceramic Tiles
Printing On Metal
Print In ACP With Coat
Big size canvas print
Print On Acrylic
Priting With White Ink With Coat
Priting With White Ink on Film
Printing On Pendrive
Priting On Stone